Vis Super Power Bank (Available August 2015)

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Vis Super Power Bank (Available August 2015)


Charge Vis Super Power Bank at 140 Watts for six minutes to store enough power to give your iPhone 6 a full charge! 


Vis Super Power Bank can be charged at 140 watts–that’s 14-28 times more than standard battery packs (5-10 watts).

As a result, after just 6 minutes of charging, Vis Super Power Bank stores enough power for a full iPhone 6 charge, and after 9 minutes, enough power for a Samsung Galaxy S6. Vis Super Power Bankbattery only needs 30 minutes for a full charge (6000 mAh).

Battery packs today that offer higher charging power over industry standards, do so at the expense of cycle life, which can drop as low as 50-100 cycles.

In contrast, the Vis Super Power Bank battery cell allows it to sustain high charging speeds without risking cycle life. Not only does the Vis Super Power Bank charge at a high wattage, but it also extends the Battery Cycle Life!*

*Battery Cycle Life refers to the number of complete charges & discharges before the battery falls below 80% of original storage capacity.


Battery Coating: Battery bulging? Catching on fire? EXPLODING

As time passes, Lithium-ion battery cells degrade, which in turn leaves space in the cell for unwanted gases, such as oxygen, to enter. This is what can cause your batteries to bulge, catch on fire, or even explode.

MOF technology coats and protects Vis Super Power Bank battery cell, thus significantly reducing these risks.

Did you know? — large lithium-ion battery packs are starting to be banned globally on flights due to these safety risks.

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